Where happy happens

Maria and Sandy live in the Okanagan Valley of British Columbia where they can often be found playing, hiking, paddling and cycling outside.


During spring and summer months they regularly visit the farmers' market to pick up fresh, local, real food and then race home to see what they can create. To slow down Maria loves hot yoga and TA classes, acoustic music or a good (historical fiction) book while lounging on a comfy couch. Sandy mostly just needs a great cup of coffee and a warm climate.


Trying new things is Sandy’s strength and passion, so he keeps them growing and learning, especially through travel (to warm places, obviously). Caring for feelings is Maria’s thing, so she keeps them tending to theirs on a regular basis (much to Sandy’s delight!).

They are both very grateful to be working together on their wish to help kids develop happy and healthy habits for life. Through Redsand Kids Maria and Sandy try to spread kindness by creating lots and lots of free stuff and donating a portion of sales to charity.

Creating books and materials to inspire happy hearts and minds

Maria has worked as a health and fitness coordinator, special education teacher, elementary school counsellor, child and youth mental health specialist, school district department head and therapist/owner in private practice. After many years treating depression, anxiety and disordered eating, she chose to start focusing primarily on prevention and Redsand Kids was born.


Maria has an undergraduate degree in Exercise Physiology, an undergraduate degree in Special Education, a graduate degree in Clinical Psychology and post-graduate certifications in Cognitive Behavioural, Narrative, Play and Art Therapies.

Sandy is the owner of Redsand Creative, the parent company (so to speak) of Redsand Kids. He enjoys drawing, painting and being creative almost as much as having fun outside or sipping a delicious cappuccino (especially at Little Cove Coffee Co in Noosa, Australia). Sandy has a long history as a competitive swim coach, lifeguard and swim instructor, working with kids from ages 4 to 20.


He has an undergraduate degree in Psychology and an undergraduate degree in Graphic Design + Illustration.