Care (for yourself, others + the earth),

give, connect, share

+ be a good friend

Kindness is a core teaching of every spiritual philosophy in the world, and for good reason. It is a survival skill and a form of magic. Even small acts can have great energy and power. Kindness toward oneself leads to less stress, greater overall happiness and emotional resilience. When we are kind to each other both giver and receiver feel good. So the magic spreads and the energy grows.

Kindness comes in many forms, from simple to more involved, so scattering gifts like caring, giving, connecting and sharing is very easy to do!

The meaning of life is

to find your gift

The purpose of life is

to give it away

– Picasso

How do we teach kids to BE KIND in ways that they learn best?



The Happy Hunting Journal includes 4 activities that encourage caring, giving, connecting, sharing and being a good friend. Just look for the GIFT icons within the journal:

5 Awesome things that make me WEIRD AND WONDERFUL
Helps kids identify things that are unique about themselves and to view these as gifts to celebrate. With this, kids practice caring for themselves.

5 Things that you can do today to SPREAD HAPPY

Reminds kids that the little acts of kindness they offer each day can have really big impacts. Some simple suggestions include saying please, smiling more often, giving compliments as well as coming up with ideas of their own. These are all very doable ways to practice caring for others.

Take a little more thought, time and effort than small acts. The notes can be written, coloured, cut out and shared. They can also be used as a template to scatter more kindness. Happy Notes practice giving, connecting and sharing with others.



Consists of interview questions for friends. When kids ask others about themselves they go outside their own experiences, connect, build social skills and empathy. This is also a fun and easy way to develop friendship skills.


The Happy Hunting Book:
There is a lot of kindness being shared within this story. Even Shed the dog is in on the action. Reading through, asking questions and talking about where kindness shows up and how it works its magic are simple ways to get kids noticing and scattering kindness in their own lives.



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