Notice the little things

everyday + everywhere

Practicing thankfulness has potent effects on our bodies and brains. Focusing on what we are thankful for triggers the calming branch of our nervous system, causing our bodies to relax and helping us to be more present and content. Feeling thankful also releases positive chemicals in our brains, leading to greater optimism and openness.

Noticing the little things in life to be thankful for is a profound practice because little things are ever present! Being thankful, along with all its benefits, doesn’t require big events, just simple awareness.

This is a wonderful day

I've never seen it before
– Maya Angelou

How do we teach kids to BE THANKFUL in ways that they learn best?



The Happy Hunting Journal contains 3 activities to help kids practice noticing the little things, all around them and inside. Just look for the RAINBOW icon within the journal:

Today I am GRATEFUL for (there are 2 of these)

Asks kids to reflect on 2 things they feel thankful for and why. These things could be from life in general or from the current day. Only 2 things because listing them is far less effective than really experiencing the feelings they provoke. And including the WHY because the more detailed we are about what we are thankful for, the easier it is for us to connect with our feelings. This gets kids noticing things all around them.

Consists of 7 questions for kids. It reminds them to consider the things they prefer, like their favourite colours and foods and books, and then to look out for and appreciate these in their everyday lives. This gets kids thinking about and then noticing things from the inside out.



The Happy Hunting Book:
Noticing the little things is ultimately what the Happy Hunting story is all about. When kids develop an awareness of and appreciation for the world around them, they see the wonder everywhere and experience the happiness that comes from being thankful. Reading through, asking questions and talking about all the little things the characters come across and enjoy helps kids to do the same in their own lives.



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