The story of a child's search for her misplaced happiness

Happy Hunting tells the tale of Liza, a girl who wakes up one morning feeling BLAH. Unsure what to do, she reluctantly follows her mom’s suggestion to look for her HAPPY.

Dressed in her best happy hunting clothes Liza heads out into her world with her beloved pup, Shed, at her side. During her hunt, she is joined by her trusted friends Hazel and Omar.


Together they spend time in nature, searching gardens full of flowers, worms, bees and trees. Supporting and amusing each other along the way, the friends are eventually found rolling in the grass bursting with laughter.

Happy Hunting takes readers on a playful journey from BLAH to HAPPY, inspiring them to stay connected to and nurture the happy that lives inside each of them.

Wherever you go, whatever you do, happy lives inside of YOU

Happy Hunting uses storytelling to touch on each of the happy habits. When sharing the story you can choose to explore none, any or all of these habits with kids:


From the beginning Liza notices, shares and cares for her feelings. Wishing to transform her BLAH feeling, she tries something new by going on a happy hunt. During her hunt, Liza slows down and looks for her happiness while spending time outside in nature. Experiencing kindness from her pet and friends, Liza begins to have fun and her seemingly lost happy is found again. In the end, she feels thankful and they celebrate together with drinks and cookies (made from this real food recipe here).

To help kids read Happy Hunting more easily we chose a special font. The innovative dyslexie font incorporates a number of features including distinctly formed letters, bolder capitals and extra space between letters and separating words.

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