Accept them ALL

as important + okay

Feelings help us fully experience our lives: to connect with our selves and others and engage with the world around us. Feelings aren’t good or bad, they just ARE.


Kids learn to care for feelings when we encourage them to recognize, accept and express them ALL in healthy ways.

The best and most beautiful things in the world

cannot be seen or even touched

they must be felt with the heart
– Helen Keller

How do we teach kids to CARE FOR FEELINGS in ways that they learn best?



The Happy Hunting Journal contains 4 activities that encourage recognition, acceptance and healthy expression of ALL feelings. Just look for the HEART icons within the journal:

MOOD ’o’ METER (there are 2 of these)
Asks kids to touch-base with how they're feeling in the moment and then draw how this looks to them. These practice both quick check-ins and more detailed experiencing of feelings, two different ways of recognizing, accepting and expressing them.

Provides kids with a simple but powerful way of visualizing “letting go” of little things that are bothering them, especially those they may not have any control over. These letting go’s can help them learn and practice how to accept their feelings without being taken over by them or expressing them in unhealthy ways – I am feeling angry, I don’t have to act angry, I can do this instead.

3 HAPPY Drawings
Has kids recognize and consider the places, people and things that influence their feelings of happiness. By doing this they spend time in these imagined experiences and can return to them in the future whenever they need to feel more at peace.



The Happy Hunting Book:
Is about looking for our sources of happiness when they seem lost and remembering that, ultimately, our happiness lives inside. Reading through, asking questions and talking about the different feelings Liza experiences along her hunt, are great ways to help kids build the skills of recognition, acceptance and expression while also building empathy for the feelings of others.


The Feel Wheel Cards:

Help kids learn to recognize, accept and express feelings in fun and healthy ways using games, art, drama, story telling and more.


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