Nourish your body with
fruits + veggies everyday

It may seem like a strange happy habit but food provides the building blocks and the fuel for our bodies and our brains. There is also an area of our gut named the second brain because it is directly connected to our brain via the gut-brain-axis. This means what we eat and absorb actually influences how we think and feel!


Eating whole, fresh fruits and vegetables everyday ensures that kids are feeding their bodies and brains what they need to thrive.

A healthy outside
starts from the inside

– Robert Urich,

Food Matters

How do we inspire kids to EAT REAL FOODS?



The Happy Hunting Journal:
Introduces kids to eating real food with 1 activity. Just look for the CARROT icon within the journal:

Has kids draw their favourite red, orange, yellow and green fruits and vegetables, getting them thinking about a variety of real foods they like or love and can eat each day.

There is also 1 eat real food activity on the
Free Stuff page of our website:

EAT THE RAINBOW: Colour, Cut and Glue
Provides some fruits and vegetables for kids to choose from, colour in, cut out and glue to the journal handout for a variation on the journal activity.

Find Liza's Happy Cookie Recipe on our Blog:

Very easy to make with kids, plus super yummy to eat and share! Gluten, dairy, egg and sugar free, with the option to make nut free as well.



Find more research, resources and recipes on our EAT REAL FOODS Pinterest boards