Playful characters for exploring feelings

The Feel Wheel Cards include 2 sets of 20 feeling cards and 4 game cards, all to help kids learn and practice the happy habit of caring for feelings.

The 20 feelings were chosen according to current research in social-emotional development. Each card was designed thoughtfully, with attention to details and in collaboration with kids, parents, teachers and therapists. To learn more about the research and artwork, check out Anatomy of a Feel Wheel Card.

The cards are for all ages and can be used individually, in small sets or as a complete deck depending on the activity, ages and needs of kids.

No matter how you feel, it helps to put your feelings into words

The Feel Wheel Cards grow the happy habits of caring for feelings and having fun through hands-on experiences, repetition, play, creativity and storytelling:


Enjoy games like Go Fish Feelings, Feeling Charades, Feelings Memory and The Feel Wheel Game (similar to UNO). Have kids tell or act out tales about characters and their feelings. Explore, draw or represent different feelings through art and crafts. There are so many ways to use the cards!

Check out our Free Stuff page for the Feel Wheel and assorted Feeling Fun Sheets.

When kids are able to recognize and share their feelings

they feel better

(about themselves, others and life in general)

and do better

(in all areas of life)