Be silly, laugh,

create, sing,

dance + move

Early on kids know intuitively how to have fun, be creative and move their bodies. With time and pressure they tend to focus more on achievements like getting good grades, fitting in, making teams and so on, in order to feel happy. This can lead kids to attach their joy to outside accomplishments. But this is totally backward. According to the ancient spiritual Law of Attraction, true happiness is rooted in having fun along the way to achieving goals.

When kids regularly have fun, through unstructured play, silliness, laughter, creativity, song, dance and movement, they learn to rely on their own capacities to create and experience joy rather than to look outside themselves. And when they're feeling joyful, everything tends to come more easily.

Today was good

Today was fun

Tomorrow is another one
– Dr Seuss

How can we help kids experience the benefits of HAVING FUN?


In the Happy Hunting Journal there are 4 fun, silly and creative activities. Just look for the SKIPPING icons within the journal:

Crazy HAPPY Hair
Is all about letting go and being silly while also being creative, because nonsense wakes up the brain cells

Explores movement through art without rules. Music and singing while creating are optional but highly recommended!

Encourages kids to have fun, make faces and create a silly self-portrait.

This Hand is MY HAND this Hand is YOUR HAND

Requires creativity to see that same old hand differently.

In the Happy Hunting Book:
When Liza finds herself laughing and having fun with her pet and friends, she realizes that happy is everywhere because it really lives inside of her. Reading through, asking questions and talking about how Liza came to this realization are ways to use the book to promote the happy habit of having fun!


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