Creative activities to draw out happiness

The Happy Hunting Journal is filled with 29 unique and imaginative ways for kids to grow all of their happy habits. The icon on each page indicates the habit being practiced.

The journal was created for kids 5 years of age or older, but with a little help younger kids can play too!


The activities can be done in any order and in any way, using a variety of art supplies or just a pencil and some imagination. They can be done with others or in a quiet space all on one's own.

Carry HAPPY in your heart, Draw it out in your art

The Happy Hunting Journal develops all of the happy habits through hands-on experiencesplay and creativity:


Check in on feelings using the mood-o-meter, go outside to notice the weather and draw the sky, spread kindness by creating and sharing happy notes, have fun and try new things with free-form art like dot-to-dot or designing a crazy happy hair-do, write about 2 things to be thankful for today, slow down and look through personalized happy glasses, make wishes by creating a perfect day…and so much more!

Taking time for HAPPY is a good habit, just like brushing teeth or washing hands. The Happy Hunting Journal makes practicing happy habits easy, interactive and a lot of fun. 

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Even just a few minutes of HAPPY time each day will make a big difference