Use your imagination,

have dreams

+ be hopeful

Kids process the world around them through fantasy and play. Using their imaginations helps them relax, problem solve, heal and grow. When they have dreams and feel hopeful, kids are developing their brains' circuitry for optimism. According to developmental research, optimism builds their resilience and helps them persevere through challenges.

Encouraging kids to use their imaginations, have dreams and be hopeful strengthens their capacities to cope with and overcome difficulties in their lives.

Making your wish is like planting a seed

and believing that it will grow
Let nature do the rest

– Deepak Chopra,

7 spiritual laws for parents

How do we teach kids to MAKE WISHES in ways that they learn best?



The Happy Hunting Journal includes 3 activities that practice using imagination, having dreams and being hopeful. Just look for the STAR icons within the journal:

What do you WISH grew on trees?
Gives kids a blank canvas to engage their imaginations and make wishes, small or large, realistic or far fetched.  


Asks kids specific questions about their ideal day, like who would they be with and what would they be doing. When they imagine a dream day kids practice what psychology refers to as positive visualization. This allows them to experience the benefits as-if they actually happened.

Gets kids thinking about a super power they would choose to have within themselves. This utilizes their imagination to build esteem, empowerment and optimism about their abilities to cope and succeed.

Happy Hunting Book:
Liza’s wish is to find her happy. By simply making this wish she is igniting the optimism inside herself. Reading the story, asking questions and talking about making wishes are very effective ways to help kids practice finding hope and possibility in their own lives.



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