This hard copy version of the FEEL WHEEL PLAYING CARDS includes 2 sets of 20 characters plus 4 game cards for creatively exploring feelings with kids.


The cards develop the Happy Habits of caring for feelings and having fun through hands-on experiences, repetition, play, creativity and storytelling, as described in more detail under the happy face on our Feeling page.


The 20 feelings depicted are: happy, sad, scared, mad, surprised and disgusted, joyful, peaceful, loving, proud, hurt, tired, bored, sorry, worried, confused, excited, frustrated, jealous and embarrassed.


The highly expressive cards feature original digital illustrations, measure 4.75” tall x 2.75” wide for smaller hands, are printed on 300 gsm with smooth finish and soft rounded corners and come enclosed in a custom gloss-coated tuck box.


The cards are produced only in small quantities rather than mass produced and stored. They are also made to be beautiful and durable rather than disposable.


Read Anatomy of a Feel Wheel Card to learn more about the cards, including the research behind their design.


Visit our Free Stuff page for additional easy to download activities and support materials, including My Feeling Body and My Feel Wheel Funsheets.




FEEL WHEEL PLAYING CARDS, 2 Sets of 20 Feeling Faces, Hard Copies