Scatter HAPPY here, there and everywhere by putting HAPPY NOTES in kids’ shoes, packs, lunch bags, under pillows, anywhere!


The 27 downloadable notes feature simple and unique messages and are yours for UNLIMITED! printing once payment is received.


The notes use repetition and the cognitive-behavioural-therapy strategy of encouraging positive thoughts (green), feelings (red) and actions (blue), while also practicing various Happy Habits (like be kind with "believe in yourself" and slow down with "start each day with a happy thought").


Downloads include:

3 pages of high-resolution designs for very clean, clear prints.



The file is set up to print on 8.5” x 11” paper.

Each note measures 2.2” x 4.25” once cut to size.



Easy instructions are included with the dowload.


HAPPY NOTES, Full Colour, Set of 27