Printable POEM Posters with a HAPPY message!


These downloadable posters come in 2 sizes, feature an original poem and design and are yours for UNLIMITED! printing once payment is received.


The poem uses repetition to inspire and remind kids that HAPPY is everywhere if they look. It supports practicing the Happy Habits of caring for feelings, going outside, slowing down, being thankful (by noticing the little things), making wishes and being kind to oneself.


Downloads include:

2 pages with high-resolution images for very clean, clear prints.



The files are set up to print on 8 ½ “ x 11” and 11” x 17” paper.



Paper recommendations and instructions are included.


The downloadable format reduces the cost and eliminates the impacts of production, packaging and shipping.

HAPPY POEM Inspirational Poster, Colour, Set of 2 Sizes