December 1, 2016





I read a quote recently that resonated with me. Alex Haley wrote;



Every death is like the burning of a library. All of that unique knowledge and experience is lost forever.

Many years ago we wrote the first rough draft of a children’s book entitled Happy Hunting. For a decade we put it aside for a whole host of reasons, with fear owning the number one spot at the top of the list.

Three years ago we lost an important storyteller in our life, my Mom. After reading the library quote and reminiscing about the gifts she gave us, we knew we had to finish writing and illustrating Happy Hunting and put it out into the world.

To do so, we also had to rethink our perspective on fear. We realized that our writing style and my chicken scratch illustrations are unique to us, a part of our life’s catalogue. Written during a very difficult time for us, it’s a story with a message we want to share:


May you always know where to find YOUR happy.



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