How Happy Happened

March 2, 2017




As a therapist I had spent many years with young people who were coping with depression. I had coped with depression myself, more than once. When Sandy and I discovered we were not able to have kids, we each endured a time of deep sadness and grief.



We so profoundly lost our HAPPYs

Through what I learned from many incredibly courageous clients, my own experiences and years of research and education, the Happy Hunting book emerged. The image of Liza with head and shoulders collapsed is based on me. How often Sandy, my closest friend, coaxed me out of that place during our respective heartache. How often I saw that body language in kids and tried to help them find their ways through.

I came to understand the power and importance of looking when happy seems “lost”, of time alone in nature, the uncomplicated love and companionship of a pet, trusted friends and healthy family members, laughter and play. We intentionally touch on each of these in the Happy Hunting book as well as with the Happy Habits. And we hope that in doing so, kids in your care can learn to keep in touch with and nurture the HAPPY that lives inside each of them.



Wherever you go, whatever you do,

your HAPPY lives inside of YOU




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