Oh Happy Days

January 14, 2017




While working on the final draft of Happy Hunting, we struggled to find the perfect font. Until we found Dyslexie. Every letter is uniquely formed, capital letters are bolder and there is extra space between letters and separating words. These features counter the rotation, flipping and reversal of letters and the blending of words and sentences. It was fortuitous;



A beautiful and playful font that also helps readers with reading difficulties and dyslexia.




As part of the purchase agreement, we could add our book to the Dyslexie website alongside others who utilize the font. When I uploaded our images and copy I was excited to discover that our book shows up right next to one of my childhood heroes, Henry Winkler. This is when I learned that he has dyslexia and has gone on to pen several kids' books. And I thought The Fonz couldn’t get any cooler!




The HAPPY DAYS TV show was a weekly staple in my childhood home. I even had the Arthur Fonzarelli action figure, complete with articulating thumbs that flipped up and put him in his classic Ayyyyyy pose.



We are so very grateful to the Dyslexie team for designing this brilliant font, for showcasing our book and for the opportunity to rub (virtual) shoulders with greatness.



Oh HAPPY Days!




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