The "Write" Sentiment

May 23, 2017





One of the most difficult and memorable experiences after my mom and dad died was to sort through their home of over 50 years. For me, photos and books were where the sweetest moments lived: the images and their captions, the books and their inscriptions. 



Have you ever picked up an old book and opened to that page where a sentiment is scrawled and been completely captured? To read your great grandma’s words, see her hand, imagine her and wonder what she meant by giving this book. Where was she? Who was she? You get a glimpse and it stays with you.



In Happy Hunting we intentionally designed a place for the giver to create this experience for the receiver. What a beautiful thing to gift another person a book and then include a personalized message to be carried along on the journey of that book.



Here are some ways to write inscriptions for kids using Happy Hunting as an example



Include a loving note



As a message of affection, write a few caring words or express a simple wish:


We hope this little story always reminds you where to find your HAPPY


May your life be filled with happiness and your shelves be filled with books




Echo an idea from the story



Take an inspiring passage from the book and copy it into your inscription:



“Happy is in the worms and in the bees…” and in time spent with you



“Wherever you go, whatever you do…” we will always be cheering for you 





Connect with a character in the story



Think about the positive qualities of one of the characters in the story:



Liza is a lovable and adventurous soul who reminds me so much of you


You are my Omar, happy dance and all




Draw from the message of the book



Incorporate the theme or meaning of the story into your note:



You bring so much HAPPY to our lives just by being you


Always look for your happiness inside of yourself




Make it a keepsake by dating and signing your inscription



On your 5th birthday, this forever special date of May 1, 2017


With Love from Granny and Grandpa




An inscription adds a unique touch to an already thoughtful gift. It can also help a child feel attached to a book and elicit special memories whenever it is pulled from the shelf.






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