Free Readers' Fun Sheet

July 12, 2017






One of the many ways to nurture a love of reading is to create playful experiences using activities like our FREE Readers' Fun Sheet.




What is it?




The Readers' Fun Sheet is a simple activity with 6 categories of books for kids to choose from.


The goals of the activity are to:


Encourage kids to read a variety of books with different themes

Give kids an engaging way to choose, track and share their reading





How does it work?



First, download a copy of the Readers' Fun Sheet from the Free Stuff page on our website and print as many copies as you need

Once kids have their own sheets, they can choose a book from one of the 6 categories (makes you laugh, friends or friendship, nature or outdoors, adventure, teaches you something, never read before)


Each time they complete a book, kids cut out the corresponding tab from the Fun Sheet, paste it on the matching square and write the title of the book on the line below the square


Once they complete their entire Fun Sheet, kids can colour in their squares and share their thoughts, recommendations and book lists with friends



Sit back and relax, all you need is a book - Dr Seuss












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