DIY Cards and Tags

January 6, 2018



Two habits of happy kids are being thankful and being kind. To help make these happy habits green, easy and affordable, we've designed a range of printable greeting cards and gift tags.



Simply print out any of the card and tag sets found in our Shop, follow the instructions below and VOILA you have a fun, creative and low impact way of spreading happiness here, there and everywhere. And the designs are yours to use forever!



Plus, if you include kids in the making of the cards they will also practice the happy habits of trying new things, slowing down and having fun!



What you need:



8.5 “ x 11” paper; we like 65 to 80 lb cover stock in bright white


Scissors, paper cutter or cutting board and knife


Ribbon, string or twine (for tags)


Envelopes (for cards); we like recycled brown craft paper options









For Tags:



To begin

Print page 2 of the document in “full colour” and with “page scaling” turned OFF


Steps 1 and 2

Trim the tags as shown in the image above


Step 3

Punch a single hole at the top of each tag


To finish

Add a note and use ribbon or twine to attach tags to gifts









For Cards:



To begin

Print page 1 of the document in “full colour” and with “page scaling” turned OFF


Step 1

Cut cards as shown above


Step 2

Fold cards vertically as shown above


To finish

Write a special message and place in an envelope (optional)




Enjoy using the cards and tags to spread kindness and give thanks for years to come!


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