Anatomy of a Feel Wheel Card

April 20, 2018



I've used feeling cards A LOT in my work. I love how versatile they are.  You can do so much with them – games, art, crafts, music, drama, storytelling. I am especially excited about the version we have created.


This is because our Feel Wheel Cards are:





According to current research in social-emotional development, we started with  the 4 – 6 basic building-block feelings that are present within each of us from infancy (including happy, sad, scared/surprised and mad/disgusted). Then we added 14 related but more complex feelings that develop as we grow and mature (including joyful, peaceful, loving, proud, hurt, tired, bored, sorry, worried, confused, excited, frustrated, jealous and embarrassed).





The 20 feelings are grouped according to their similarities, as shown on our Feel Wheel, in the top left corner of each card, and through the background colour behind each character: yellow for happy, red for mad, green for scared, blue for sad.





The characters have been drawn to include faces, shoulder, hands and torsos demonstrating how our feelings are felt, expressed and seen in our faces AND in our bodies.





Clothing colours have been chosen carefully to further reflect the feelings shown (like brown for disgusted and grey for bored). This addition gives kids more clues about the feeling being felt and shown, just in case they need more help.





Girls do feel mad and boys do feel loving! Who knew? Kids. The important message is: We all have these feelings and they are all okay.





Each feeling is depicted using familiar characters from our books and materials.





The cards also come with instructions for 4 games (the feel wheel game, feeling charades, go fish feelings and feelings memory).





On the Free Stuff page of our website we share an ever growing number of materials to make the Feel Wheel Cards practical, educational and fun to use.



After almost 20 years as a therapist and teacher, spending my days with kids and with feelings, I’ve thought a lot about these cards. When we care for feelings we are able to fully experience life - by being in touch with ourselves, connecting with others and engaging with the larger world around us.



We hope you enjoy playing and teaching with the Feel Wheel Cards as much as we've enjoyed making them for you and for kids

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