Trail Not Rocks

July 10, 2018




Lately, I've been feeling like an imposter. As co-author of a book that encourages kids (and adults) to find their HAPPY, you’d think I’d have the market cornered on happiness. Not so much.



These days, I start my morning with a glance at the news and my HAPPY gets trounced. I want to stay informed but current world events are taking their toll on my mental health.



So what do I do?



I am a mountain biker. I love being on the trail and especially enjoy the downhill part of a ride. The trick with descending is to focus on where you want to go. If you stare at the rocks and roots then typically you end up hitting them, which makes for a rough ride down.



All I seem to see are the rocks, roots, stones, and pebbles on and off the trail



I am letting these obstacles steal my joy and, let’s face it, it’s a trail, there will always be debris on the path. And what I focus on matters.


Starting this week I'm going to make a concerted effort to focus on the trail, not the rocks in my life. I am going to get outside, play with my friends and reduce my exposure to the bad news.



In short, it’s time for me to follow Liza and go Happy Hunting again.


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