Recognizing Feelings

September 13, 2018


MY FEELING BODY Fun Sheet helps kids recognize how different feeling feel in their bodies






With MY FEELING BODY Fun Sheet kids experience their feelings from the inside. What does anger feel like in their hands, shoulders, faces, bellies and so on …


Such embodiment of feelings leads kids to experience them on a much deeper and more personal level. This is because our feelings come from our emotions and our emotions stem from our physical bodily responses to what is happening around us.





There are two versions of the Fun Sheet; one for the Limited Edition Feel Wheel Cards and one for the PDF Feel Wheel Cards. Choose the version that works for you.


Select a Card in advance or have kids pick one randomly from your deck of Feel Wheel Cards.


Place the Card in the middle of the MY FEELING BODY Fun Sheet.


Have kids close their eyes and check IN, imagining the selected feeling and how it feels to them. You might ask specific questions like; imagine how your face feels when you are feeling (this emotion), now imagine how your eyes feel ...


Once kids have had enough time to check IN, have them talk about or write down how the feeling feels in each of the different parts of their bodies.



Be creative with how you use the Cards and Fun Sheet, asking questions like:


Where is the first place you feel this feeling in your body?




Where does this feeling leave your body first ... maybe your hands relax, or maybe your belly loosens?



When kids are encouraged to get to know each of their feelings in this way, they are also learning to accept and care for ALL of them





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