Naming Feelings

August 15, 2018



Use the FEEL WHEEL Fun Sheet to teach kids the NAMES

of different feelings






The FEEL WHEEL Fun Sheet contains the names of a variety of feelings and shows how those feelings relate to each other. For example, Yellow feelings, like happy, joyful, peaceful, loving and proud, are all similar to one another.




The FEEL WHEEL Fun Sheet is a simple tool for helping kids identify different feelings. It begins with the four basic feelings of happy, sad, scared and mad, shown in the centre of the Wheel, and builds to the outer rings of the Wheel and beyond.



The Fun Sheet works great as a map or a conversation starter



Just some of the many ways to use the Wheel include having kids:



Name their current feeling


Choose a feeling and tell a story about it


Pick a feeling and act it out


Choose a feeling and write about it


Select two feelings and talk about how they are similar and different


Share their most and least favourite and why


Choose the feeling they find the hardest or need the most help with


Add more rings to the Wheel as their feeling vocabularies grow




For more about the FEEL WHEEL, including the research it's based upon, check out Anatomy of a Feel Wheel Card






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