breathe deeply,

go with the flow,
find your focus + savour

In our world of fast and busy, slowing down can be difficult to do. Yet, rest, in its many forms, is essential to all growth – physical, emotional, intellectual and spiritual. When our bodies break down they need time to rest, rebuild and strengthen. This is true of our hearts, minds and souls as well.

When kids learn to simply rest, breathe, go with the flow, focus on being in this present moment enough to truly experience and savour it, they can slow down enough to grow.

Don’t try to rush things that need time to grow
– Unknown

How do we teach kids to SLOW DOWN in ways that they learn best?


In the Happy Hunting Journal there are 3 activities that encourage rest, focus, flow and savouring. Just look for the SNAIL icons within the journal:

Prompt kids to
look for their happy when it seems lost. This is based on research that shows "energy flows where attention goes". Whatever is focused on becomes more prominent. When kids create their glasses while considering what influences their happiness, they practice both positive focus and getting into their flow states.

Helps kids develop their abilities to really focus by being in the here and now, choosing something specific in their surroundings and then savouring it by spending time drawing it. When they draw it again, in another way, they also expand their perspective.

Is based on research from cognitive behavioural therapy that proves our unique patterns of thinking significantly influence our experiences. By identifying their happy thoughts, kids can influence their focus and alter their patterns toward the positive. They can also experience positive flow when they get lost in the fun of drawing these happy thoughts.


In the Happy Hunting Book:
Liza’s decision to head out and look for her happy leads her to slow down and spend time in nature, along with her pet and friends. Reading through, asking questions and talking about Liza’s journey, of how she began to focus and savour moments, can be an accessible way of teaching kids the importance of slowing down in life.



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